Given the knowledge and our experience with this trade we are able to enhance our guests’ travel experience. Besides this as we also have a team of qualified professionals who can assist people who wish to travel to study and research upon Indian flora & fauna, culture, architecture etc. we are also able to cater to the needs of students and professionals.

Services we offer:

1) Inbound Travel: Guests who wish to travel India, we offer a wide range of categories and tours along with custom made itineraries basis requirements.

We also specialize and focus upon tours conducted for students and professionals willing to study or see variety of flora and fauna. This also holds true for people who wish to study Indian History or Culture. We also have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who would escort and guide on such tours.

Besides this we offer itineraries for people who wish to spend the holiday in discovering a new country which is as diverse as it can get on this planet. We have dessert as well as the place that records most rainfall in the world every year. It has snow covered peaks of The Great Himalayas in the north whereas it touches the Indian Ocean in the south. Not many countries in the world are able to offer such geographical diversity and Biodiversity within their peripheries.

You may choose from our huge bucket of tours packages for all the customers. The tours ranging from low budget to luxury segments are available.

2) Domestic Travel: Along with catering to the global clients we also serve to Indian clients. The clients range from being an organisation, group to an individual. We arrange for fun filled holiday packages as well as organise educational and business trips.